Whitetail deer are so overpopulated in Eastern Massachusetts that we now have an epidemic of Lyme Disease, millions of dollars in property destruction and a significant increase in predators including coyote, fox, bobcat and black bears. News stories are increasingly common that a coyote ran off with the family dog or cat.

Lyme Disease

The spike of infected ticks in the state of Massachusetts has caused state health officials to declare Lyme disease an epidemic. Deer ticks carry Lyme disease which can cause serious joint, heart or central nervous system problems.

Increased Predators

Coyotes eat many different foods, including deer, small animals, garbage, and pet food. Coyotes do view cats and small dogs as potential food and larger dogs as competition.

Destruction of Property

Significant property damage and occasional injuries to humans result every year from motor vehicle accidents involving deer. Crop and landscape damage due to the high population of deer costs home and business owners thousands of dollars every year.